Friday, January 13, 2012

Six-word living

Today we are going to talk about dying. Death. Kicking the bucket. Pushing up daisies. Walking the golden streets with Jesus. The eternal nap.

You get my drift. 

I know, I know, death can be a very dark, trying and sad subject, especially if it is unexpected or painful. But hey, life is short (pun intended) so why not look at this light-hearted. After all... I know where I am going and I hope you do too. (Gonna be knock, knock, knocking on heaven's door. Someday.) 

But in order to die, a person typically lives some type of life before that point. So maybe today's post isn't about the actual dying process, but rather the LIVING process. 

One of my favorite songs that got me through one of the roughest points of my life (when I didn't know if I could keep going) was a song called How You Live by Point of Grace. (Watch the video and listen here.)

The best part of that song is part of the chorus when it says "Cause it's not who you knew... it's not what you did... it's how you live." 

Can I get an AMEN?!?

Let's take it a step even further. It's not just how you live, but who you live FOR. Think about it. What or who are you living for right this moment? 

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Earlier this week, I was introduced to the concept of Six-word Memoirs. I was surprised that I had never really heard about it, but I am hooked. I have been walking around all week thinking about different memoirs... and perhaps what mine would be. (To read the history of Six-Word Memoirs, check out this article. 

Six word memoirs can be funny, sad, moving or somewhere in between. The basic concept is to be able to write your "life story" in six words. Here are some examples. 

"Most creative when avoiding a deadline."
"Would've, Could've, should've, didn't, didn't, didn't." 
"Living the dream, don't wake me up." 
"Born bald. Grew hair. Bald again." 
"Battled cancer, richly blessed with friends." 
"Rock bottom became the solid foundation." 

You get the picture. Hopefully, you are already thinking about what your six-word memoir might look like... 

And I have started to think about mine. Fortunately/unfortunately, mine varies by the day. Some ideas might include: 

Army wife. Supporter of chocolate industry.
Puppy mama who trains with sarcasm. 
Woke up Monday. Back to bed. 
Playing sports equals consistently broken face. 
Great housekeeper when company is coming. 
Professional pep-talker, even when not wanted.  
(Hyphens count as one word, right?) 
Oh look, that is another one.
Used AMERICA as random multipurpose expression.
Starts focused. Sees shiny. Epic fail.

I could go on... but I want to give you the chance to think of your OWN six-word memoir. How are you living your life? If you died today, what legacy would you leave behind? Please feel free to comment here and share one (or more) of your own six-word memoirs. 

Think about this... mediate on it. What would GOD like your memoir to look like? Remember, it's not who you knew or what you did but how you lived. And WHO you lived FOR. 

Oh, and I have figured out my six-word memoir, at least for today: 
Jesus called. Slowly followed. Richly rewarded!

Gettin' creative with random blog topics, 

"To those who by persistence in doing good seek glory, honor and immortality, he will give eternal life." --Romans 2:7

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