Monday, January 2, 2012

Getting SMART with 2012

Welp. It's a New Year, America. 

Sorry. That was kind of an obvious statement. But obvious or not, Happy 2012. I hope you are excited... because I am!! (After sitting in church yesterday morning, I have a feeling God has some BIG plans for us this year.) 

I used to be a person of big "resolutions." I would have all these grand plans of losing a bajillion pounds in a week and reading one letter of the encyclopedia per week. (Only a slight exaggeration.) Then of course, in about 3-5 wks  (if it lasted that long) I would lose steam and be back where I started... If not further off course. 

So. What's the key to setting successful goals? They have to be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time Bound. 

It's okay if your resolution-ish statements don't lend themselves to all of these traits. But let's try to make it happen... Together... With God's help. 

I am going to make myself pretty vulnerable here. By sharing with you my SMART lifestyle changes (note: I did not say resolutions) I am calling you out as my accountability group. GULP. (That being said... I would LOVE if you would comment and share a 2012 lifestyle change of your own.) 

Here we go. Deep breath. Saying some prayers. Annnnddd... 

SMART Change #1: Operation Fort-itude Fitness. Let me explain. I had this idea during our time on leave in Kansas. I knew I needed a new workout routine... I have done Couch to 5K, P90X and even used a personal trainer. But I want something new. And free. Heres the idea... 

Over the next ten months from January 2nd to October 2nd I will "travel" from Fort Benning, Georgia to Fort Riley, Kansas (Fort-itude-- get it?) by walking, running, swimming, biking and elliptical. It is 980 miles total and breaks down to about 24 miles per wk. I will log my progress on a wall map to see where I am hypothetically "traveling." But Sharita? What about strength training? Never fear, that too shall be incorporated into my routine... I will log 25,000 reps of strength/core work by the time I "reach" Fort Riley. (Average: about 104 reps per day or I can do a couple hundred reps a few times a week.) 

WHEW. That was a big one. Here are some more, yet simpler SMART lifestyle changes that I will incorporate or continue to improve on. 

SMART Change #2: Spend at least one hour per day in the Lord's presence by using my new Jesus Calling Devotional and studying the accompanying Scripture. I will also continue to keep a prayer request list in a notebook and/or iPad. 

SMART Change #3: Complete my 1000 Gift List (inspired by Ann Voskamp's book) by the end of 2012 (although I believe it could be much sooner than that... if so... I will just keep adding to it!) 

SMART Change #4: Memorize a book of the Bible, starting with 1 John. 

SMART Change #5: Ruthlessly Eliminate Hurry and submit to God DAILY in all areas of my life. (Not super specific, I know. But I do know what I am supposed to be doing with it and have been working on it for a few months now anyways.) 

Some of these SMART changes will flex up and down throughout the year... some new goals may surface or God could lead me in a whole different direction. But now is the time for change. We worship a God of fresh starts. Ask Him to wipe the slate clean and join me in getting SMART with 2012. 

With a heart of anticipation, 

"Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will." --Roman 12:2

Share your SMART changes and leave a comment here.

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  1. I love it! Too bad I can't use this example for SMART Goals in class - maybe the kids would understand it better.