Thursday, December 15, 2011

Army of God: "Frago"

"Yeah that sounds great... Do you still want to meet at the mall? <ssrrrrtttpppp> Wait are you there? <psssrrrrrrrrkkkkktttt> Can you hear me? <ttttsssssssffffff> Hello? Hello? HELLO? <beep beep... call dropped.>

Sigh. Just typing that one-sided conversation above raises my blood pressure a bit. But we've all be there-- we have plans, think we know what is going on, then beep, beep, call dropped. Were our plans staying the same or was our compadre on the other end about to share a new idea with us? OR someone calls very last minute and either cancels or completely changes the game plan. Frustrating, huh?

So today's dropped cell phone conversation and change of plans is brought to you by the word "Frago." It means "Fragmentation order" which essentially deals with a last minute change of plans (aka breaking original orders)  especially when carrying out an operation or previously determined path. (If you get nothing else from today's post, you at least have a cool word to say... seriously, pronounce it outloud... FRAGO. Funny.

As a drill sergeant's wife, we have a lot of "frago" in our house sometimes. In the army... and with God.

Frago follows right along with the other discussions we have been having this week about obedience and trust. Now we add change into the mix. If you would have asked me about my original plans five years ago, I can guarantee it wouldn't have sounded like this:

"In five years, I will be married to a soldier and working in ministry. We will live in Georgia and have a puppy. Oh, and I will have gotten my masters and my husband will be an Iowa boy who currently serves as a drill sergeant and plans to make a career out of the military."

Uh, yeah, no.

Don't get me wrong, I am beyond thankful for the path God has put me on to get me here. As much as a joke about the military, I really do love our life. We are blessed. But honestly,  I feel like our lives are one big "Frago."

Is your life a little frago too? I am going to guess the answer is probably yes. You had ideas of where you wanted to go and how you wanted to get there, then our Upstairs Commander put the whoa on that and took you in a completely different direction. Change of plans. See? Frago!

Maybe you are in the middle of a big Frago or your life (like mine) is a bunch of little fragos all jumbled together... you might be wondering what in the name of chocolate cake God is going to do with you. Maybe your communication with Him is a little fuzzy and you can't quite make that "cell phone" connection clear.

Don't fret, dear reader. Every change you experience in life is all part of "THE PLAN." No, we don't have the notes or the completely order of operations in front of us. But we do have an awesome God that we can trust with all our heart.

So don't fear frago... feed off it!

Changed by God,

"He changes times and seasons; he sets up kings and deposes them. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning."-- Daniel 2:21

Tell me about your experience with Godly "frago" and leave a comment here.

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