Friday, December 16, 2011

Army of God: "Wilco"

For any of my new readers, I need to bring something to your attention that is vital not only for this post specifically, but for this week and my entire blogging library. 

I am a nerd. 

Many of you are probably nodding your heads thinking "Uh, duh Sharita." I personally like to think of myself of somewhat of a sophisticated nerd, but I really do get quite a thrill out of lists, journals, weird numbers concepts/facts. And, as you may have noticed, I love learning new words. Hence the weeklong discussion we have had about Army of God vocab. 

(Random vocabulary note: Did you know that splendiferous and fantastical are both real words? As in, they are found in the dictionary AND Microsoft word doesn't do that squiggly red "you-spelled-this-wrong underline?) 

See. Told you I was something of a geek. 

Back to the topic at hand: it is the culmination of our weeklong study of Army of God words. Today's word is an abbreviation: 

"Wilco: The abbreviated version of will comply, often used in quick conversations or text messaging." 

Easy right? Will comply. Like will do. Roger. Loud and clear. I get it. Gonna make it happen. 

How often do we respond to God with wilco? I know as for me, I sometimes pretend like I didn't hear what He told me, instead of being immediately obedient to him and surrendering to make it happen. 
Iron Mike @ Fort Benning, Georgia.
"I am the Infantry, Follow Me!"
Shouldn't we do the same if not more for Jesus?
(Photo taken by John D. Helms) 
As I was thinking about this week's lesson via this particular blog topic, I couldn't help but think of the main themes: Voluntold and America dealt with obedience, Stuff with Things and Frago focused on trust. Today, when it comes to Wilco, it's about submitting to the awesomeness of God and agreeing to comply with whatever he has called us to. 

This thought continued my thinking process. (I know, scary.) Obedience, Trust, Surrender. Huh. I wonder if there is an army acronym for OTS? Knowing our beloved military, I was confident that at least one existed... 

When I looked it up online, I was right. At least one did exist. I actually found about 237 acronyms that OTS could stand for on one website. (237? Really military? Really?) 

But the coolest part? Out of that entire list, a quick scan had my eyes land on OTS that meant "One-Time Source." Coincidence? I think not. God IS our one time source. All we need, we get from HIM. Wow. 

Voluntold, America, Stuff with Things, Frago, and Wilco.

Obedience, Trust. Surrender.


One. Time. Source.

So this week, as those new vocab words swirl in your brain, I leave you with this newly invented Army of God prayer.

"Dear Heavenly Commander: I pray that I can be obedient to all of the stuff with things you have voluntold and called me to. Help me to trust you when my plans become frago. When I want to run, instead let me embrace you, rejoice and yell America! God, please change my heart so that my first instinct every day is surrender to you, take up my cross and follow you. When things get tough, allow me to press forward, clinging to your love and softly whispering "Wilco, sir." Father I salute you for the love you have given me when I least deserve it.  Lord, you ARE my OTS, my one time source. Then. Now. Forever. In your precious name, AMEN." 

I'm in the Lord's Army,

"Although he was a son, he learned obedience from what he suffered, and, once made perfect, he became the source of eternal salvation for all who obey him..." Hebrews 5:8-9

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