Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Army Of God: "Stuff With Things"

I know, I know... when a person says they have a "favorite" something that usually indicates that they  have only one. HOWEVER... I am writing this blog, so I make the rules. And today is another one of my favorite vocabulary phrases used by the Army (specifically, my husband.) 

Stuff with things: The abstract phrase used to describe a plan of action or agenda that is yet undetermined or completely unknown to any or all parties involved. 

In civilian terms, "stuff with things" is a great way to say "We are going to do something that will take up time and may or may not be productive, but honestly, I have no idea what that is going to be." 

When I hear this come from my beloved it is usually in one of two ways: either he really has no idea what is going to happen that day (with the Army, that can happen at any given moment) or when he is attempting to recount his day and it happened to be exceptionally chaotic. 

"What did you do today sweetheart?" 

"Um, Sharita... I really don't even know. We worked for 20 hours. I think we did stuff with things." 

<Note: This phrase can also be used in a sarcastic manner... as can most unofficial army terms. Didn't know if you were catching onto that pattern with "voluntold," "America" and now "Stuff with things."> 

As with most of the army terms I have been introduced to and really like, this one has also made it into my everyday vocabulary. (I actually said it while leading a task force meeting at church yesterday. Sigh. It's ingrained.) 

While voluntold and America primarily focus on being obedient to God, "Stuff with Things" also deals with obedience, but even more so with TRUST. God, being the all-knowing, all-loving guy that He is, very rarely (if ever) reveals the entire picture to us. He feeds us bits and pieces along the way. Our future might look very uncertain and we live our days being obedient to Him, doing "stuff with things" but not completely sure where we are going with it until He shows us. 

That's the key. He doesn't call us to just be busy, rushing around and filling our time with stuff. However, when we enter into His presence and obey without seeing His bigger picture (which only He has access to) it can feel like we are running around, almost chaotically, doing "stuff with things." But take heart. He wouldn't ask you to do something without purpose. Listen for His voice so you can do HIS stuff for HIS things and HIS purpose. It's all part of HIS plan. So trust that He's got it under control. 

Now if you will excuse me... I gotta go do some "stuff with things." 

Trusting Him and Living with Purpose, 

But I trust in you, O LORD; I say, “You are my God.”-- Psalm 31:14

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