Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Truth: Mama Lex and Daddy D

The first up in our line-up for gift sharing of this season are my parents-in-love (yes, not parents-in-law, but parents-in-love) Mama Lex and Daddy D. Below you will find the gift that Brandon and I gave them... To not only live Christ-mas one day a year, but to have Christ-more everyday!

Dear Mama Lex & Daddy D— 

Merry Christmas! This year’s gift to you is a little different than normal. We wanted to go a different direction since God has really been doing a work on our hearts over the last several months. I know we all enjoy getting “stuff,” but we have chosen to give something that won’t collect dust or break. 

Your gift for Christmas 2011 is a donation in your name to our local Christian Radio Station 88.5 The Truth. 

Why did we choose this for you? Because you raised a son to live his life on the solid rock, living in the Truth every single day of his existence. And due to that upbringing, he has led his wife to the cross, and we are now walking in the footsteps of Jesus… Together. Because of both of YOU. 

Thank you for being such loving, encouraging and prayerful parents. Whenever we listen to The Truth on our radio driving in our car, whether together or separate, we often think of you and the wonderful gift you give us year round… Love and support. We pray that this gift will go on and continue to bless others around the world that has an opportunity to listen in. As a result, we hope that God will continue to be glorified. 

So Merry Christmas, Mom and Dad. We love you with all we have and pray that someday, we might raise our children to live the Truth, just as you have done with your beloved sons. 

Love and blessings, 

Brandon & Sharita  (and Justus) 

“I have chosen the way of truth; I have set my heart on your laws.” –Psalm 119:30

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