Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Say Good Morning

Who do you tell "Good morning" each day?

Are you the kind of person who springs out of bed, raring to go with the "today-I'm-gonna-change-the-world-attitude?" Or are you the person that others understand if they approach you before your morning cup-o-joe, they might very well get shanked?

Either way, whether you are the happy-go-lucky or gimme-coffee-now or somewhere in between kinda person, you can always say good morning to one person: God.

God desires to hear you speak to Him. It doesn't have to be out loud (unless you want to.) But I have personally started making it a habit to say a mini-prayer each morning before I roll my fuzzy-haired self outta bed and before my feet hit the floor. It is very simple really. "Good morning, Lord. Thanks so much for giving me another day-- I pray that WHATEVER I do today can be for your glory. Amen."

Sometimes I add in "special requests" like if I already know that I am going to need extra strength/patience etc for the day... But the cool part about talking to God that early it that it helps remind me of my daily purpose: To glorify him.

Fortunately for us, the "Good Morning greetings" aren't always one-sided... God sometimes answers me back a few minutes later in my Bible study or maybe even on my run. OR, as He did this last weekend in the cabin in the mountains, he says GOOD MORNING in a big, beautiful way, before I even realize what's going on.

The above picture was the view I woke up to last Friday morning-- it shone through the window at the head of our bed at the Sans Souci cabin near McCaysville, GA. (The snap-shot from my camera phone totally doesn't do it justice.) It wasn't a painful "ARGH, the sun is UP and BLAZING in my face, why aren't there curtains here!" But rather it was such a loving gentle way to awaken my husband and I during our anniversary celebration. I literally whispered back "Wow. Good morning to you too, God."

That was easily one of the coolest good morning greetings I have gotten from God in quite a while. And do you know what? It totally made my day? I have been holding onto that awesome image for days now, remembering that is love and glory is all around us, every single moment-- we just have be willing to offer a greeting and look around!

Do you give God a chance to greet you and say good morning each day? What does that look like for you? Is he shining through your window? Or looking back in the bathroom mirror? Does he peer at you from the bottom of your coffee cup? Is He singing to you through your car radio? Or maybe standing at the school bus stop as a bunch of smiling kids during your morning walk/jog?

Each day is a chance for you to glorify Him. Look around for Him. Greet the day with Him. Open up your heart and say GOOD MORNING!

Risin' and Shinin' for His glory,

"May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face shine upon us, that your ways may be known on earth, your salvation among all nations. May the peoples praise you, O God; may all the peoples praise you." --Psalm 67:1-3

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