Friday, October 7, 2011

Here's to Kicking the Bucket... list (Part 2)

We have all heard that with God, all things are possible. 

And while he certainly can do ANYTHING and achieve great miracles, sometimes we can rejoice in the small things... Like having faith to accomplish the potentially goofy things on our "Bucket List." 

If you missed yesterday's entry, you might want to get caught up and read "Part 1" of this mini-series at Kicking the Bucket... List (Part 1) to avoid any confusion. :-)

As promised, today I am sharing with you things that I have yet to accomplish on my Bucket List... Just writing down some these words fills me with such passion and excitement that I can't describe it! Praising God for the "little things!" 

One more thing to know-- there isn't a limit to how many things you can have... I still periodically add things as they come to me! 

Sharita Lo-Quita-Jo-Mama's Bucket list... Still "To do." 
  • Go to Mardis Gras
  • Write a "real" book
  • Experience a Minnesota Winter
  • Go to Alaska
  • Donate a scholarship
  • Speak at an important event
  • Send my parents to Australia
  • Take little brother Dal to Disney World
  • Visit all 50 states
  • Visit all 7 continents
  • Own a house
  • Get a masters (In progress) 
  • Get a Ph D?? 
  • Ice Fish
  • Sing somewhere "Famous"
  • Visit a tropical rainforest
  • Invent/discover something 
  • Do a Pull Up
  • Have a personal library (in progress) 
  • Go SCUBA diving/Snorkeling
  • Be Certified in CPR
  • Learn another language... fluently
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Host a Benefit event
  • Ride a motorcycle
  • Swim with dolphins
  • Own a boat
  • Pay off college (in progress... slowly) 
  • Live in a foreign country
  • Visit 7 wonders of the world (1 down, 6 to go) 
  • Put handprints/initials in wet cement (Tried twice... and failed. I got caught and they erased it) 
  • Write a song
  • Go on a cruise
  • Skydive
  • Surf
  • Learn to ice skate-- well
  • Learn to juggle-- also well
  • Go on a hot air balloon ride
  • Whitewater rafting
  • Be hynotized
  • Drive coast to coast form Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon
  • Break glass with a hammer (why? Because I can) 
  • Give a homeless person all my cash
  • Truly love someone who persecutes me
  • Visit the Black Hills
  • Be in a musical
  • Run a 5K in under 30 minutes (in progress) 

Again, this list is not exhaustive-- I just picked some random ones off my list. 

I hope that after reading/marinating over this, that you might be motivated to start a bucket list too. It keeps me grounded and focused on the great gifts that God gives us an opportunity to experience. He empowers us to do these things.... So why not do it and Kick the bucket... list!!

One thing at a time, Sweet Jesus. 

"He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he enables me to stand on the heights." --Psalm 18:33

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