Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Excited & Can't Hide It

 When was the last time you were excited? 

I am not talking about the "Oooo Monday is over" kind of excitement or "Yay a new season of my favorite show starts tonight." I mean the "brain-churning, stomach-fluttering, pulse-pounding, heart-gonna-burst-outta-my-chest, can't-wait-to-tell-my-boss/spouse/family/friend about it" kind of excitement. I love that feeling. WHOOT!

Some of you out there might be saying <scoff> "Sharita, nothing profoundly exciting ever happens to me." But before you get stuck on that thought, let me clarify something. The type of excitement I am addressing isn't "I won the lottery" or "WE ARE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD" excitement. Instead it includes the little things in life that help us get through each day. It could be a new opportunity, a new project that capitalizes on using your strengths, a favorite meal, someone telling you that your ministering really helped them, a short upcoming vacation, reunion with family etc. 

I have had a few moments that so far today. One is a new project for work writing some speechy-workshoppy curriculum (I know, I am nerd), another was finding out that I might get to take a mini anniversary vacay with my beloved and the final one includes a potential future ministry opportunity next summer. Tell you what-- my brain was definitely churning and heart pounding as I drove home today. 

While these small things add excitement to my life, I can't help but think of a greater promise that we can all be excited about all the time... Our future glory. Yes, I admit it thinking about heaven and glorious things of the future are kind of challenging to grasp in the busyness of life. But just as I mentioned a couple of days ago in my "Lifted by Being Gifted" post, many of these little things that God gives us in life are reminders of His love... all of which will someday be reflected via our future glory we will experience. 

The reality of being an adult/big kid seems to distract us from being excited, especially when it comes to getting and staying excited for Christ. Remember when you were a little kid and there were events that you were SO EXCITED you could barely sleep? Maybe it was Christmas Eve... Or a birthday... For me, it was the night before we left for the Missouri State Fair. I also remember from my freshman year of high school being so excited to "skip" class the next day to decorate for homecoming as a member of student council. I long to rediscover that level of awesome excitement from my "youth" and reapply it to my love of Christ. 

Are you excited for Christ? In what ways can you show it? What small things in live via gifts from God get you pumped up. Do you accept the challenge to find new ways to get excited for Him? 

After all of the awesome things he has put into my life, I have to admit that I am excited for Christ... and as you might have noticed on this blog, I just can't hide it!

Excited for Future Glory, 

"He quivers with excitement, and at the trumpet blast races off at a gallop. At the sound of the trumpet he neighs mightily, smelling the excitement of battle from a long way off, catching the rolling thunder of the war cries." --Job 39:24-25

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  1. You are awesome! So glad to have you alongside of me. Glad to enjoy this journey together. YOU are a blessing to me!