Sunday, September 18, 2011

Song in My Heart

Music rocks my world. Literally. 

I have always liked listening to music and discovered in the 5th grade that  that I could sing ok-ish.  (much to my surprise as well as our elementary/middle school choir.) My first ever solo performance was the "Somewhere Out There" from The American Tail: Fieval Goes West. 

I have since broadened my musical tastes to include more than animated classics. (But don't get me wrong-- a great Disney Soundtrack still gets my heart pumping.) I have been known to sing anywhere, almost unconsiously. Placed that I have gotten busted singing out loud: Shower, kitchen, car (at the stop light, windows down,) processing floor of the turkey plant, sleeping porch @ Clovia house, farrowing house in the hog barn, K-state campus, banquets, contests, church, multiple offices that I have worked in-- the list goes on. 

Regardless of where/when/how I was singing, humming, grooving, I truly believe that music is a great gift from God as a way to worship. One of the songs from my youth that I remember listening to on a little yellow cassette tape was "Jesus put a song in my heart." It goes... a lil something... like this.... 

I tried to sing my song on my own
But then I found out I was singing alone
Then Jesus sang with me
We sang in harmony
Now I’m singing His song
Ooh I’m singing His song

Chorus 2X 
Jesus put the song in my heart
He turned my life around
He gave me a treasure, the heart of a servant
Jesus put the song in my heart, a joyful melody
That sings of His wonderful love

2X (3X for the end)
He gave me His love
He sang me His song
And He put a song in my heart 

I’m going to live my life differently
By serving the Lord and not serving me
Helping to meet your needs
Following Jesus’ leads
Ooh I’m singing His song
Yes I’m singing His song

The worship portion at our church today (Christ Community Church) was AMAZING. Yes, it reminded me of my LOVE for music, but also reminded me that it is a gift from God to worship/sing like that... Plus we sang "Jesus Paid it All." Now ladies and gentlemen, THAT is a song that makes me want to either squawk at the top of my lungs with excitement or drop to my knees and burst into tears (for the sake of the congregation and by the Grace of God, I managed not to do either) But just thinking about "Jesus paid it all... all to him I owe... Sin had left a Crimson stain... He washed it white as snow" gives me goosebumps and raises my blood pressure with joy! 

Music can uplift, inspire, convict and put things into perspective. I don't know about you-- but I am beyond thankful that Jesus put a song in my heart... by turning my life around... with the heart of a servant.  I pray that Jesus has given you that song as well-- let's rejoice! 

Music to my ears, 

"I will sing to the LORD all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live." 
--Psalm 104:33

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