Thursday, February 2, 2012

Moving on Up

Top Five Things on my List that Make me Happy: 
1. Jesus
2. Husband hugs
3. A great workout
4. A hot bath
5. Chocolate

You might notice that "moving" is not on that list. As an army wife, this is rather ironic. 

(Actually, I tolerate moving with the army because I am not required to pack our stuff. Otherwise, I break a lot of dishes, and require massive amounts of all of the things on my top 5 list.) 

Don't get me wrong, I love the new places and adventure of the whole experience. I just can't sit still at our new home until things are unpacked and everything is in place. It's a bit exhausting. And stressful. 

On that note... God has called me to move. 

Wait, wait, wait... I don't mean physical locations. Let's be honest. While Georgia isn't exactly my favorite of the lower 48 states, I have a wonderful hubby, house and puppy here. 

I mean move my blog. That's right. We are moving on up... Or at least over. 

So. What does this mean for you dear readers? 

First of all, don't panic. That's my job. (Just kidding. But seriously.) I ask for you to pray for me. Because technology and I are not BFFs. And I am trying to make this move on my own. I've learned more about CODEX and SEO and PHP today than I never wanted to know. 

But stay tuned the next couple of days. God has something huge planned, and I am taking a leap of faith. I am going to need your help to get this new site up, running and known by others so we can spread this awesome message of God. 

So yes, I'm moving to a different locale in cyber land. I'm changing the name. I am expanding to make this into a literal ministry movement. 

But don't worry. I won't be changing my writing style or content. You will still get plenty of sarcastic, off-the-wall, flat-out-in-love-with-Jesus messages from me. 

Are you intrigued? Well, you should be... we are moving up and making things happen. 

Walking by faith and not by sight (or blog coding,) 

"On your way now. Get moving..." --Deuteronomy 1:7 (MSG)

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